A Few Words from our Users...

Kimberly Strong photo

Kimberly Strong
Executive Director
Cabarrus Meals on Wheels

We have moved from the dark ages of excel spreadsheets and paper to the wonderful world of the cloud! This software has been such a great asset to our Meals on Wheels program. Our Volunteer Coordinator has to schedule over 30 drivers each day. It was not easy to look at a spreadsheet and make sure everything was covered. With MOW Scheduler all we have to do is click on “Show Shorthanded”. It is right there! Plus, more than one person in the office can look and see where a driver is needed when our Volunteer Coordinator has a day off. This software has made our volunteer management so convenient and easy. We had tried other software, but it did not always do what we needed it to do. With MOW Scheduler we have everything at our fingertips, no matter where we are. All our volunteer information is in one place, including any attachments we decide to upload and save to their profiles. This past winter, we were able to immediately notify the volunteers delivering on a snow day that we would be closed. We are now able to keep track of how many miles each volunteer drives and can share this at year-end for taxes! I can’t say enough about this great product or the customer service. The customer service of Purplewire is tops! They can’t be beat. Thank you for this great product!

Annette Read photo

Annette Read
Community Outreach Director
Meals on Wheels of Durham

Meals on Wheels of Durham and I wanted to share our appreciation with you for the use of the MOW Scheduler. This tool has provided us the opportunity to streamline our process of scheduling drivers to deliver 28 routes a day, Monday thru Friday. I have over 200 volunteer drivers on my schedule with a variety days that they deliver in a month's time. This is the first program that has allowed us to schedule someone on the 1st Monday and others on the 3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesday as well as any other combination you can imagine. Scheduling used to take me up to 3 hours a day; with the MOW Scheduler, I spend an average of less than 30 minutes. Also, the follow up support from your team has been awesome.

Elisa Benner photo

Elisa G. Benner
Director of Programs and Services
Meals on Wheels of Lancaster

Trying to schedule 27 routes per day five days per week and substitute drivers using an Excel spreadsheet was a volunteer coordinator’s nightmare! MOW Scheduler software has freed up my time to concentrate on directing expanded services and programs for our clients. I highly recommend the software.

Michael Watrous photo

Michael Watrous
Volunteer Coordinator
Meals on Wheels of Syracuse

Since we started using the Scheduler application, juggling 40 delivery routes and kitchen jobs -- and 300 volunteers and staff -- has become much easier.

Gale Adland photo

Gale Singer Adland
Executive Director
Meals on Wheels of Durham

One of the critical tasks that a home delivered meal program needs to perform is volunteer management and scheduling. Meals on Wheels of Durham has been looking for a robust and flexible solution to this problem for several years. The MOWScheduler has proven to be that tool. It has freed almost 12 hours a week of our volunteer manager's time. This allows her more time to spend on other essential tasks - such as recruitment and retention. Kudos to your team for the development of this very useful product!

Mason Kaufman photo

Mason Kaufman
Executive Director
Meals on Wheels of Syracuse

This system has been a great help to us as we increase the number of meals delivered, grow our volunteer roster, and expand our coverage area.